Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wedding Chit-chatting

My cousin's fiance just left few minutes ago. His been here for like 3-4 hrs chit-chatting about the arrival of my cousin on January. Everybody are extremely excited about the fact that she will going to be here finally. It's like an awaited moments to everyone of us around here, specially with the fiance.

Anyway, we talked about the wedding preparations as well as the TN vacation after their wedding. As for the wedding, everything is already set up. He already booked the venue of the wedding as well as the reception. The funny thing is, me and husband were presenting to be their bestman and the bridesmaid. Whether they like it or not they have no choice, we will be walking in the isle on their wedding day too.(lol)

The wedding is pretty much planned already. We will be seing lots of filipinos in the wedding, along with the Filipino preacher.. Hopefully everybody get to come and witness their big day.

So yeah, we just only need the bride's arrival