Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pageant Tommorow

The little girl's beauty pageant will be tommorow. I'm pretty much excited about it at the same time a bit nervous because i really don't know how she is going to react after seeing lots of people in her audience.

We got her a nice dress already which i'm pretty much sure she will look good in it. Hopefully though, she can get the best dress award. I'm just trying to be postive here, having at least one award is something we can proud of. If she can't get the crown, at least she won't be going home empty handed.

Being in the pageant itselft is a good experience. We know time really goes by so fast. Few years from now she's no longer a kid, so we have to cherish these moments.

Speaking of the coming years, I'm seeing myself needing hgh releaser because of the aging. With all those drama that tenagers caused, i definitely need the supplements.

Anyway i better hit the bed. Tommorow is going to be busy day for us.