Tuesday, December 7, 2010

the Flashback

Time really goes by so fast. Next month it will be another year for me of being here in the state. I still can't forget the time i get on and off the plane by myself just to be here. Few months later my delivery scene, giving birth to a healthy baby girl who is now 3 years and half.

Giving birth is one of the best and the most memorable experience i had since being here. I so, can't forget the time i was in the delivery room with not-so-quite vital signs monitor while the husband was on his way home to get clothes.

Then few months later, we went back to visit my family along with the little girl. It was a joy, you can tell the happiness and the excitement that my family had in their faces upon seeing us.

And now its another christmas of being away from home. I wish to be there to spend the christmas but for some reasons we can't. I have to deal the fact--love it or hate it, this is just the way it is.