Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our xmas party

Our xmas party wasn't cancelled by the way. We went over, driving with the snow and the rain. It was all worth it. The party was fun and everybody seems really enjoying it much. I was surprise of how many people attend despite of how bad the weather was. My close friends were there too, which makes it more fun in my part.

We were dancing, playing games, chit-chatting and do crazy, silly things. The little girl was happy to see and recieve the gift from Santa Claus.

I brought puto chese and bingka/muffin as my contribution. I didn't get to eat any of what i made because it went gone before i know it, guess they must like it..

---and oh, i was happy i fit in my size7 dress. With all the weight i put in my body in the last few weeks, i was surprised i made it without ripping the dress off. Everybody looked great by the way. It was a hell of lot fun annual xmas party.

And lastly, hanks Fil-AM association of eastern, Ky and the Doctors who put their efforts to make the event succesful.