Thursday, December 23, 2010

The gifts and the little girl

Two days more to go before christmas. Should i'd be excited about it? I don't know, honestly but the little girl is.

Everybody in the house right now are aggravated by her with the same questions every morning, every hour like "when is the christmas?" or "is it time for christmas?", so to speak, she is excited to open the presents underneath the christmas tree. She don't know what she is getting but opening the presents to her is like heaven. She love surprises that everytime we have packages in the front door, she is happy to open it even it isn't for her.

Thank God we got through xmas shopping btw. We don't have much money to go for many more presents and luxurious items but were happy to see that we have a little bit something under the tree.

By the way this is the xmas tree we have for many years now---at least 5yrs and possibly more. Every year husband says, we need to have a new tree but we just dont have a chance to find something that fit our budget. There's one time we went tree shopping and we found something cheap for a pretty nice looking tree. He loved it, however it was just too huge for our living room, stands up at 8 ft and half. The smalllest size are sold out leaving the big and tall xmas tree's on sale.

And oh btw, Alys tittled this post based on the pic lol