Tuesday, December 21, 2010

When will be over?

The weather is stressing me out lately. Being stuck in the house at least 24/6.5 and have nothing to do except sleeping or eating is just so depressing. The winter isn't been here yet but i already gained 8 pounds. Trust me, I started to raid my husband's closet for bigger sized shirts because in my opinion i looked okay and comfortable wearing them.

Husband dealt with my crazy mood sometimes specially that i never been able to go out the house for a long time. I don't want to go out and deal with the snow or the icy road because it scares me to think specially traveling with the little girl. The weather this year is a lot worst than I thought.

Husband thought of getting a babysitter for Alyssa in case i wanted to go somewhere, however this time we just can't trust anybody we don't personally know. It would be great if we have nanny camera to spy the babysitter or see if my child is being watched really good.

When we're in the house, it even bothers me if i don't see her for a minute. I suddenly have this weird thoughts of she might be playing with the wires and dangerous stuffs. I have to have a surveillance one of these days. Its going to be helpful for my peace of mind and plus it helps to keep the burglar away from getting on our property.