Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Missing packages

Been buying lots of items online in the past 3 weeks. The sad part about it, 3-4 packages are messed up out of 8 transactions i made. These packages are supposed to be own by friends and neighboor who asked favor to purchase those items in their behalf. I mean it was okay in my part however, i wasted 70 dollars altogether to do all that crap.

Three of these items are mailed 2 weeks ago and never get in my mailbox, while the other one was considered the wrong item, which i already sent back 6days ago but never got the refund yet .

Calling for the customer supports or email each of these companies for follow-ups are a lot hassle. It isn't like shopping for life insurance quotes where you don't have to aggravate yourself of calling individual companies. But i guess I just have to deal with it to be able to get my money back.