Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ceiling Fan

Our house had a low ceiling with a measurement of 7foot. It isn't that high and to be honest it was quite of disappointment when we first saw it. The dilemma came to worst specially when we realize that this huge ceiling fan that hang in the very middle of the room are totally not appealing no matter what type of furniture we had and how we arranged them.

The ceiling fan has already one shade that has been missing already before we came in and we believe that it must have been hit by somebody's head. The sad part about it, we can't find anything which is similar or close to the one that has been missing, online and in-store. Husband thought of taking off the ceiling fan but i'm against to it. Moving to different location would be okay and it would also be perfect to get a little decent size and at the same time pretty like the one that Minka Aire products offered. Definitely had to check this site out or bookmark for the later purpose.