Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Videoke with Fresh tuna recipe

Couldn't have any better day. Hubby is off today so i dragged him to the grocery store in the next town to buy some fresh tuna for "kinilaw" or what they called "fresh tuna ceviche" recipe. I was craving for "kinilaw" since the last week that my friend brought some for testing, so today i made my version with lots and lots of ingredients and spices like ginger, onions, jalopenos, lemons and of course vinegar. It was delish, i forgot i'm in the US. haha
Its a perfect day to feast and do little videoke with the help of the magic sing or karaoke machine that arrived few weeks ago.

Speaking of the magic sing or the karaoke machine, everybody is loving it; the hubby and Sierra's friends. Who would have thought they would love karaoke too? What makes our home entertainment fun is husband had this amazing idea to hook up his home audio speakers along with the sound mixers to achieve better sound quality. Its a lot more confusing if you want to switch to a satellite tv after using the dvd player or the karaoke because you have to switch the wires in the back of the tv and sound mixers, plus you have to operate the remote control as well to switch inputs. I can't honestly specify what to do here as i always have a hard time doing it myself but generally we just love the way it is. Perfect way to entertain us and visitors as well.