Tuesday, April 12, 2011


My little girl is growing so fast. Some of the things she does amuses me and made me wonderin how such a 3 yr old kid can do stuff like it. So many things that i can't even mention one by one.

Today it happens that i was browsing online while she was beside me watching, she found a toy in the sidebar of the website and suddenly she yelled "afie" (alphie). She found the toy that she's been wanting to have ever since she saw it in the tv advertisement. Last few days, she kept bugging us about "afie" which me and husband puzzled what afie is about. Anyway "afie" or alphie is an educational toy robot good for preschoolers. They can talk and sing ABC's (i think). So today, i am trying my best to get the toy that Aly is been wanting. One reason that i wanted to get it for her is because, she told me that she is going to leave me and my computer alone so i can make money to buy Alphie. I paused for a minute after she said it.