Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My bday bash

It seems like its been a long time that i haven't post anything with all my online blogs. I have so much things that i wanted to share and i have to apologize for not being able to do it.

The month of April was a blast. Nothing can be more happier than your birth month, don't it? Well first off, my so-called big day was great. Friends came over and i was glad i cooked enough food in case everyone showed up. It was fun as usual even though we were stuck inside the house the whole time because of the thunderstorm. (haha)
The following days, both in-laws went over tovisit us. They came over one by one since they had been separated long ago. These few days was amazing, we had such things going on different from the normal days. Spending time with in-laws in your own house is, i say, a bit different more like fun and crazy. And oh, before i log myself out, i have to check for Medicare part D plan that my father-in-law asked me to do if i get a chance to get on the computer. I think i do now, let see what do i have to get here.