Thursday, November 15, 2007


Having heard of Cellulitis?

Last week, i endeed up going to hospital for a reason that my left thumb was swelling. It turns to red and seems like the pain was increasing everytime i move. There's no way i could handle it. I can't even change Alyssa's diaper. I can't do nothing.

It took me 3 hours in the hospital. They done an x-ray to my finger. They found out it was Cellulitis. It is an infection of a skin that usually starts with a scrape insect bites, cut, blister or other opening skin which becomes infected.

Well, they give me a shot that sticks in my butt with a very big needle and antibiotic medicine for it. So far, it helped. I don't see any redness anymore now and of course i don't feel no pain at all.