Sunday, November 4, 2007


Its been almost 2weeks now since we moved. We had everything fixed up, the bed and the arangements of everything.
Moving to a diferent places is kinda hard. It is not just by carrying the things all the way to the new place which i normally does when i was moving to a different boarding house way back before. Of course here, you got to get a big truck to load everything up, the couches, beds, drawers, tons of clothes etc. You got to call a lot of places for electricity, water, cable, tv sattelite to be hooked up. Too much hassles. I thought it wasn't that hard.
Luckily for us, hubby's brother and his two buddies helped us out of loading and unloading stuff from our old house to the new one. It's kinda helped a lot as far as to my hubby he don't carry too much himself. But i say, they are all suffer from a pain in a back a whole night including me which i done a really good job too as far as looking to them loading the heavy
Hubby said i done a real good job. I keep myself busy whenever my little girl was asleep. I am the one who arrange the clothes in the closet, putting up the dishes and doing some decorations. Somehow, i can say that i am a little help. We just done all the worked for 2days but sad to say that the U-Haul or the big truck stays 2 days with us because they cannot unload everything for a day. So we got to pay for the extra day.
It was fun though. But like i said, its a really hard job. So far, So good we started to get used to the place where we at now. It's nice and better. It's closer to Hubby's work and closer to the shopping centers and grocery stores.