Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Question and Answer Portion

Thanks to janice for this tag.

Thira : What is the quality you like most about yourself...and why?
Answer :I really don't

Twerlyn : In your opinion, what is the essence of being a woman.
Answer : Being a wife and a mother. same to madaam Poray.

Rosemarie : What do you think is the best achievement you had in your life?
Answer : Deliver a 7.3 pounds baby girl. Married to my man Tididoy. Living healthy and normal.. heheh

Poray : Are you happy?
Anwers: A little bit. Kinda frustrating sometimes but its life i'm getting used to it.

Charidoy question: What you don't like about urself?
Your answer:::blah! blha! blah!

I'm tagging this to somebody who wants to grab it..lolFeel too sory for myself right now. I don't feel any good at all. you probably can see it in my posts. I had a braindead sometimes. hehe!