Thursday, November 1, 2007

Giving Birth

We were down to my ob-gyne on the day of june
26,2007 at 2'oclock pm for my check up.The midwife had checked on me. I was really horrified when she said i can have a baby anytime within 24 hours. She said i am dilated for 4cm. She ask me if i can feel any signs of labor pains but i just answered her "i dont know". This was my first time of getting pregnant and having a baby. I just dont know what the labor pain is cause i've been on pain most of the times in my pregnancy.
They took me to the delivery room for fetal monitoring. It's kinda idiotic. I ask her if i can go home first to get my baby stuff but unfortunately, they did not allow me. lol They afraid if i might have a baby in my car and hurt me and the baby or something. Well, they place a toy-looking white round in my belly. It was an electronic fetal monitors used to detect and trace the fetal heart rate and uterine contactions. The pain is getting more worse everytime. But still i handle it ordinarily. Whenever i had a contraction, i just take a deep breath, sing and dance. They don't even know i had a very big contraction unless when they would take a look to the machine..Of course hubby noticed it because i hold him so tight whenever i had one. They said, i am a strongest m0m to be that they ever had in the hospital lol but i know for the fact that they just tell me about it to make me feel better and feel more comfortable to trust to myself and not to scared. Gladly it worked.
After all was done, discharging the urine out from my bladder and consecutive checkups on how far i am dilated which i really hate the most, at around 2o'clock am, they decided to break my Amniotic Fluid simply called a Bag of Waters. I thought that after the water has broken the pain is just the same. So, i said to my self giving birth is just too easy. But im wrong, after they did that,i finally feel the most pain than ever i could imagined, worst pain in my entire life. I tried to take a nap coz thats what my hubby told me in order for me to get more strength but i couldn't do it. Instead, i ask a pain reliever which they called an epidural anaesthesia. I really dont know what exactly they done to me. Hubby said i fall asleep. I just saw a hollow flexible tube or a small catherer left that taped up from my back. The good thing of epidural is, i don't feel any pain nor a contraction but my body feels an entire numbing, i couldn't even move my body, my arms, legs and everything. So i thought this could be a bad sign for giving birth normally. I'm feeling like i'm weak and having hard time to control my push.
At the next morning, around 7:00 they ask me for a push. I insist to just did it by a c-section. Sounds odd but i thought its the easiest safest way for me and my baby. The widwife said i surely can do it normally by pushing. I can't do nothing, i wanted to get over with so i decided to start on pushing. I couldn't remember how many times it was but i just remember a cry of a tiny little one lying at the top of my soft tummy with a soft nursery rhymes they played. I look around and thank God for giving me enough strength to get through to the most difficult job ever.
"Is she a girl?"this was my first question came out from my mouth. My hubby said " YES". I was so happy. I finally came up to realization that i am really a new parent.

Alyssa Eden was born in a very pleasant morning of July 27, 2007 8:02 at Marry Breckinridge Hospital in Hyden, KY USA. She weigh 7lbs. and 3 ounces with a length of 20 inches.


Mabelle said...

thanks for adding me n thanks for dropping by at my site...congrats and welcome to the motherhood world.ur bb is very cute and adorable.