Saturday, November 24, 2007

My 4-month old Alyssa

Each child is unique. There are certain changes will occur at a certain ages. Thus, changes of attitudes, behaviors and physical milestone are normal and common on them. Mommies maybe confused of a sudden changes of a baby. However, mostly are joyous seeing their progress.

As an appreciation of my little girl Alyssa, who's turning to 4 month old in another 3 days , i am thrilled to shared a list showing her general progress. This is also for the mommies out here who are tend to know what's babies development in a stage 4 month old.

*Alyssa is now active and alert. She behaves in a friendly manner to me, to my hubby and to the person she always seen. She sometimes cry when she held by a stranger to her.
*Her fussiness was lessen; a very big different when she was 1 or 2 months old.
*She can now soothe herself and play. She actually likes to grab the keyboard of my PC. If she can't reach it, she will be cranky. "She probably like the sounds of the keyboard when i type, the reason why she likes to touch it too."
*She sleeps about 7 to 8 hours straight or sometimes 10 to 12 hrs in nigh time and several naps during the day. "This progress is really good for me. I don't need to get up in a middle of the night. Back then, i was worried i maybe turn out into zombie because of my ugly looking eye bags. Babies from birth to 2 months needs their food every 2-3 hours. "
*She can lift her head steady & straight. She likes to sit back and relax with a pillow support on her back while watching TV. "i like to watch her looking closely to a bunch of Filipinos in a TV."
*She likes to smile, wiggles, shake her body and jerk her feet off when she's happy and excited.
*she sometimes say "DA" "DI" which hubby claims that she's talking to him. And it was funny because we heard her babbling "andoy" yesterday; a name that i usually called my hubby all the time.
*She likes to lay on her tummy like a swimming motion. She can now push her body up.
*She tried to get up when i lay her on her back. "i am scared on this, first time she falls from a couch because she tries to get herself up and i don't expect she could do that."
*She likes attention. She demands a snug, sing and dance sometimes.
*Increase the idea of sucking her thumb or even her hands and licking my skin until she puke. "Gosh i hate this but i know it is part of a baby and somehow I'm going to get used to it."
*She slobber a lot now. "I don't know if this is a sign of teething. I think 4months old is too early for that?"
*She can holds eye contact for greater period of time. I think she prefers to see white and black colors.
*Of course, her appearance has changed. Her hair was losing especially at the back where she always laid.
*she's getting big and heavy. She gain more weight that i could never imagined. *She started eating a certain foods like banana and rice cereal, a baby's food in a little jar like banana pudding and rice flavor. I think she doesn't like apple, macaroni and cheese flavored because when i give her, she spit it up.

Those are Alyssa's improvement for now. Surely, there be a lot more coming later on this stage.
I am happy that she's no longer a newborn, but i must say, she's definitely still a baby, small and fragile. So, double safeguarding must required.


theworkingmom said...

Hi, your daughter is such a cutie :)