Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Are There Really And Idols Left?

Posted by Jonathon Murphy

When American Idol first came out it was the biggest show that I had ever seen in my lifetime. I mean that in the sense that almost everyone in America was watching it. And if they said they weren't watching it, they were lying. It was to the point that people would miss important events to make sure they were home to watch American Idol. It truly was a national sensation. It was original, funny, and entertaining. Me and my sisters would get together to watch it every week on Direct TV. We still continue this tradition, but some of the luster has been lost. We can't figure out if it's because Paula left or because Simon is leaving. It just feels like it's a show on the downswing, kind of like when a party you're enjoying is nearing an end. The worst part is that you can't do anything to stop or change it.

Don't get me wrong. American Idol is still a great show. And I do think there's potential for a comeback. All they need are contestants/singers that can steal the show. They had really bad timing this year with boring contestants at the same time all the drama was playing out. All we can do - me and my sisters - is hope that everything works out. I'm afraid that if the show ends, so will our weekly gatherings.