Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lost Puppy

So we went four-wheeler riding the other day for almost 7hours. It was all fun. Everybody enjoyed it specially me and Alyssa because we found a puppy dog in the trails. I really don't care much about dogs but the one we saw is likable and really nice. You can even feed him with your hand without biting your finger, so we decided to take him home because we can't stand him being homeless in the middle of nowhere. Me and sissy spend most of our time holding the puppy while riding the 4wheeler. That time, he was wiggling his tail at the same time sniffing everybody that you can even tell he was happy somebody picked him up.

When we got home husband feed him and gave him water because he was really thirsty from not drinking or eating in the entire time he was in the mountain. We started giving him a name which everybody agreed the name "redbird" since we found him in the redbird trails but the husband named him 6A, just to be specific.

Yesterday the drama began. The puppy dog went to our neighbors house. Then the little boy who happened to see the puppy asked me if it was ours, so I literally told him yes. The little boy went back to his house and the minute later, he came out again and told me he know the owner of the dog and was looking for him. Without our knowledge our neighbor phoned the so-called owner and few minutes later, the couple arrived and took him home without even saying "thank you" to us or showing appreciation for keeping the dog, knowing that we were there watching and actually Alyssa yelled "thats not fair" constantly while they're taking the puppy away. That time i was thinking they mad at us for claiming it was ours the reason why they can't look back or say a word to me.

Husband was on his way from work and is excited to go home to feed the puppy from his one sack of dogfood he just bought. When he arrived home, he learned that the dog wasn't there and was mad at it. He was suspected that they were not the owner of the dog and afraid they are going to sell him or something. The dog is Jack Russel type and if they want to sell them, they can make like $300 and up for it--hopefully that is not the case.

Being not having the puppy to us, is kind of sad knowing that we learned to love him specially the little girl. But since he is not ours to begin with, we have to accept it. I just hope the owner and our neighbor knows the real score. Up to this moment, i'm thinking they probably concluded that I steal it from them and claimed it was ours. They should have at least talk to us or something. (If they would have know our efforts) One of these days, my fat ass neighbors will know the story.