Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Family Affairs in Modern Family

Guest written by our friend Kraig Saunders

Modern Family is a story that spans about 3 generations of the same family and I enjoy it whenever I can on satellite tv en espanol. It embraces a same sex marriage, an adoption by a gay couple, a family that has a man marry a much younger wife and a regular nuclear family - and they are all related. They tell their story as if it was a reality show that was being recorded about their unusual family.

Jay Pritchett is the head of this family and has recently married a Hispanic woman, Sofia who has a son from a previous relationship. Their age gap is quite visible and we often see Sophia trying to make Jay look and act younger than his age. His son, Mitchell Pritchett has a partner, Cameron and the season actually begins with them returning from Vietnam to get their newly adopted child. Jay's daughter, Claire, is married to Phil and they have three children. As the show begins, we only find out at the end of the pilot episode that they are related when Mitchell and Cameron announce that they have adopted a child.

It may sound like an unlikely situation, but we all have family members that are not only memorable but unique in their own way. This is what makes this comedy an entertaining part of my nights.